Giants, [N] [E]

men of extraordinary size or height.

  1. They are first spoken of in ( Genesis 6:4 ) under the name Nephilim. We are told in ( Genesis 6:1-4 ) that "there were Nephilim in the earth," and that afterwards the "sons of God" mingling with the beautiful "daughters of mens produced a race of violent and insolent Gibborim (Authorized Version "mighty men").
  2. The Rephalim, a name which frequently occurs. The earliest mention of them is the record of their defeat by Chedorlaomer and some allied kings at Ashteroth Karnaim. The "valley of Rephaim," ( 2 Samuel 5:18 ; 1 Chronicles 11:15 ; Isaiah 17:5 ) a rich valley southwest of Jerusalem, derived its name from them. They were probably an aboriginal people of which the EMIM, ANAKIM and ZUZIM [which see] were branches. [See also GOLIATH]

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