Haza-el [N] [E] [H]

(whom God sees ), a king of Damascus who reigned from about B.C. 886 to B.C. 840. He appears to have been previously a person in a high position at the court of Ben-hadad, and was sent by his master to Elisha to inquire if he would recover from the malady under which he was suffering. Elishas answer led to the murder of Ben-hadad by his ambitious servant, who forthwith mounted the throne. ( 2 Kings 8:7-15 ) He was soon engaged in war with the kings of Judah and Israel for the possession of the city of Ramoth-gilead. Ibid. ( 2 Kings 8:28 ) Towards the close of the reign of Jehu, Hazael led the Syrians against the Israelites (about B.C. 860), whom he "smote in all their coasts," ( 2 Kings 10:32 ) thus accomplishing the prophecy of Elisha. Ibid . ( 2 Kings 8:12 ) At the close of his life, having taken Gath, ibid. ( 2 Kings 12:17 ) comp. Amos 6:2 he proceeded to attack Jerusalem, ( 2 Chronicles 24:24 ) and was about to assault the city when Joash bribed him to retire. ( 2 Kings 12:18 ) Hazael appears to have died about the year B.C. 840, ( 2 Kings 13:24 ) having reigned forty-six years.

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