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Heaven. [N] [T] [E]

There are four Hebrew words thus rendered in the Old Testament which we may briefly notice.

  1. Rakia , Authorized Version, firmament. [FIRMAMENT]
  2. Shamayim . This is the word used in the expression "the heaven and the earth," or "the upper and lower regions." ( Genesis 1:1 )
  3. Marom , used for heaven in ( Psalms 18:16 ; Isaiah 24:18 ; Jeremiah 25:30 ). Properly speaking it means a mountain as in ( Psalms 102:19 ; Ezekiel 17:23 )
  4. Shechakim , "expanses," with reference to the extent of heaven. ( 33:26 ; Job 35:5 ) St. Pauls expression "third heaven," ( 2 Corinthians 12:2 ) had led to much conjecture. Grotius said that the Jews divided the heaven into three parts, viz.,
  5. The air or atmosphere, where clouds gather;
  6. The firmament, in which the sun, moon and stars are fixed;
  7. The upper heaven, the abode of God and his angels, the invisible realm of holiness and happiness the home of the children of God.

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