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Kohath [N] [E] [H]

(assembly ), second of the three sons of Levi, from whom the three principal divisions of the Levites derived their origin and their name. ( Genesis 46:11 ; Exodus 6:16 ) In the journeyings of the tabernacle of the sons of Kohath (Kohathites) had charge of the most holy portions of the vessels. ( Numbers 4:1 ) ... Of the personal history of Kohath we know nothing, except that he came down to Egypt with Levi and Jacob, ( Genesis 46:11 ) that his sister was Jochebed, ( Exodus 6:20 ) and that he lived to the age of 133 years. ( Exodus 6:18 ) (B.C. about 1491.)

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Smith, William, Dr. "Entry for 'Kohath'". "Smith's Bible Dictionary". . 1901.

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