Leaf, Leaves

Leaf, Leaves.

The word occurs in the Authorized Version either in singular or plural number in three different senses.

  1. Leaf of a tree. The righteous are often compared to green leaves. ( Jeremiah 17:8 ) The ungodly, on the other hand, are "as an oak whose leaf fadeth." ( Isaiah 1:30 )
  2. Leaves of doors. The hebrew word, which occurs very many times in the Bible, and which in ( 1 Kings 6:32 ) (margin) and 1Kin 6:34 is translated "leaves" in the Authorized Version, signifies beams, ribs, sides, etc.
  3. Leaves of a book or roll occurs in this sense only in ( Jeremiah 36:23 ) The Hebrew word (literally doors ) would perhaps be more correctly translated columns.

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