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Nebaioth, Nebajoth

Nebaioth, Nebajoth

(heights ), the "first-born of Ishmael," ( Genesis 25:13 ; 1 Chronicles 1:29 ) (B.C. about 1850), and father of a pastoral tribe named after him, the "rams Of Nebaioth" being mentioned by the prophet Isaiah, ( Isaiah 60:7 ) with the; flocks of Kedar. From the days of Jerome: this people had been identified with the Nabathaeans of Greek and Roman history Petra was their capital. (They first settled in the country southeast of Palestine, and wandered gradually in search of pasturage till they came to Kedar, of which Isaiah speaks. Probably the Nebaioth of Arabia Petrea were, as M. Quatremere argues the same people as the Nebat of Chaldea. --McClintock and Strongs Cyclopedia.)

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