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Pharaohs daughter

Pharaohs daughter,

Three Egyptian princesses, daughters of Pharaohs, are mentioned in the Bible:--

  1. The preserver of Moses, daughter of the Pharaoh who first oppressed the Israelites. ( Exodus 2:6-10 ) Osborn thinks her name was Thouoris, daughter of Rameses II, others that her name was Merrhis. (B.C. 1531.)
  2. Bithiah wife of Mered, an Israelite. daughter of a Pharaoh of an uncertain age, probably of about the time of the exodus. ( 1 Chronicles 4:18 ) [PHARAOH, No. 5]
  3. A wife of Solomon. ( 1 Kings 3:1 ; 7:8 ; 8:24 ) [PHARAOH, 7] (B.C.1000.)

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