Pisidia [N] [E] [H]

(pitchy ) was a district in Asia Minor north of Pamphylia, and reached to and was partly included in Phrygia. Thus Antioch in Pisidia was sometimes called a Phrygian town. St. Paul passed through Pisidia twice, with Barnabas, on the first missionary journey, i.e., both in going from Perga to Iconium, ( Acts 13:13 Acts 13:14 Acts 13:51 ) and in returning. ( Acts 14:21 Acts 14:24 Acts 14:25 ) comp. 2Tim 3:11 It is probable also that he traversed the northern part of the district, with Silas and Timotheus, on the second missionary journey, ( Acts 18:8 ) but the word Pisidia does not occur except in reference to the former journey.

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