Succoth [N] [E] [H]

(booths ).

  1. An ancient town, first heard of in the account of the homeward journey of Jacob from Padan-aram. ( Genesis 35:17 ) The name is derived from the fact of Jacobs having there put up "booths" (succoth ) for his cattle as well as a house for himself. From the itinerary of Jacobs return it seems that Succoth lay between Peniel, near the ford of the torrent Jabbok and Shechem. Comp. ( Genesis 32:30 ) and Genesis33:18 In accordance with this is the mention of Succoth in the narrative of Gideons pursuit of Zebah and Zalluunna. ( Judges 5:5-17 ) It would appear from this passage that it lay east of the Jordan, which is corroborated by the fact that it was allotted to the tribe of Gad. ( Joshua 13:27 ) Succoth is named once again after this --in ( 1 Kings 7:46 ; 2 Chronicles 4:17 ) --as marking the spot at which the brass founderies were placed for casting the metal work of the temple. (Dr. Merrill identifies it with a site called Tell Darala , one mile north of the Jabbok. --ED.)
  2. The first camping-place of the Israelites when they left Egypt. ( Exodus 12:37 ; 13:20 ; Numbers 33:5 Numbers 33:6 ) This place was apparently reached at the close of the first days march. Rameses, the starting-place, was probably near the western end of the Wadi-t-Tumeylat . The distance traversed in each days journey was about fifteen miles.

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