Ziklag [N] [E] [H]

(winding ), a place which possesses a special interest from its having been the residence and the private property of David. It is first mentioned in the catalogue of the towns of Judah in ( Joshua 15:31 ) and occurs, in the same connection among the places which were allotted out of the territory of Judah to Simeon. ( Joshua 19:5 ) We next encounter it in the possession of the Philistines ( 1 Samuel 27:6 ) when it was, at Davids request, bestowed upon him by Achish king of Gath. He resided there for a year and four months. ( 1 Samuel 27:6 1 Samuel 27:7 ; 1 Samuel 30:14 1 Samuel 30:26 ; 1 Chronicles 12:1 1 Chronicles 12:20 ) It was there he received the news of Sauls death. ( 2 Samuel 1:1 ; 4:10 ) He then relinquished it for Hebron. ( 2 Samuel 2:1 ) Ziklag is finally mentioned as being reinhabited by the people of Judah after their return from captivity. ( Nehemiah 11:28 ) The situation of the town is difficult to determine, and we only know for certain that it was in the south country.

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