Babylonish garment

Babylonish garment [S]

a robe of rich colours fabricated at Babylon, and hence of great value (Josh.7:21).

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Easton, Matthew George. "Entry for Babylonish garment". "Easton's Bible Dictionary". .

Babylonish garment, [E]

literally "robe of Shinar," ( Joshua 7:21 ) an ample robe, probably made of the skin or fur of an animal, comp. ( Genesis 25:25 ) and ornamented with embroidery or perhaps a variegated garment with figures inwoven in the fashion for which the Babylonians were celebrated. [E] indicates this entry was also found in Easton's Bible Dictionary

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Smith, William, Dr. "Entry for 'Babylonish garment,'". "Smith's Bible Dictionary". . 1901.