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Beth-shean [N]

house of security or rest, a city which belonged to Manasseh ( 1 Chronicles 7:29 ), on the west of Jordan. The bodies of Saul and his sons were fastened to its walls. In Solomon's time it gave its name to a district ( 1 Kings 4:12 ). The name is found in an abridged form, Bethshan, in 1Sam 31:10,12and 2 Samuel 21:12 . It is on the road from Jerusalem to Damascus, about 5 miles from the Jordan, and 14 from the south end of the Lake of Gennesaret. After the Captivity it was called Scythopolis, i.e., "the city of the Scythians," who about B.C. 640 came down from the steppes of Southern Russia and settled in different places in Syria. It is now called Beisan.

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(house of rest ), or in Samuel, BETHSHAN, a city which belonged to Manasseh, ( 1 Chronicles 7:29 ) though within the limits of Issachar ( Joshua 17:11 ) and therefore on the west of Jordan. Comp. 1 Macc. 5:62. In later times it was called Scythopolis. 2 Macc. 12:29. The place is still known as Beisan . It lies in the Ghor or Jordan valley, about twelve miles south of the Sea of Galilee and four miles west of the Jordan.

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