The Hebrew word kebir , rendered "pillow" in 1 Samuel 19:13 1 Samuel 19:16 , but in Revised Version marg. "quilt" or "network," probably means some counterpane or veil intended to protect the head of the sleeper. A different Hebrew word (meraashoth') is used for "bolster" ( 1 Samuel 26:7 1 Samuel 26:11 1 Samuel 26:16 ). It is rightly rendered in Revised Version "at his head." In Gen 28:11,18the Authorized Version renders it "for his pillows," and the Revised Version "under his head." In Eze 13:18,20another Hebrew word (kesathoth) is used, properly denoting "cushions" or "pillows," as so rendered both in the Authorized and the Revised Version.

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Head-rest; pillow.

And when the messengers were come in, behold, there was an image in the bed, with a pillow of goats' hair for his BOLSTER. ( 1 Samuel 1:1 Exodus 26:12 )

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Found in the King James Version only in 1 Samuel 19:13,16, "Behold, the teraphim was in the bed, with the pillow of goat's hair at the head thereof" (the King James Version "for his bolster"), and 1 Samuel 26:7,11,12,16, "Saul lay sleeping .... with his spear stuck in the ground at his head." "Bolster" in these passages in the King James Version was used to translate a Hebrew word whose true significance is "the place of the head," or "the head-place." It will be noted that it has disappeared from the Revised Version (British and American), which rightly has throughout "head," instead of "bolster."


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