Ephraim, Mount

Ephraim, Mount [S]

the central mountainous district of Palestine occupied by the tribe of Ephraim ( Joshua 17:15 ; 19:50 ; 20:7 ), extending from Bethel to the plain of Jezreel. In Joshua's time ( Joshua 17:18 ) these hills were densely wooded. They were intersected by well-watered, fertile valleys, referred to in Jeremiah 50:19 . Joshua was buried at Timnath-heres among the mountains of Ephraim, on the north side of the hill of Gaash ( Judges 2:9 ). This region is also called the "mountains of Israel" ( Joshua 11:21 ) and the "mountains of Samaria" ( Jeremiah 31:5 Jeremiah 31:6 : Amos 3:9 ).

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(har 'ephrayim):

Means that part of the mountain which fell to Ephraim (Joshua 19:50, etc.). The natives speak today of Jebel Nablus, Jebel Cafed, etc., meaning that section of the central range which is subject to each city. It is better therefore to retain the rendering of the King James Version, and not to read with the Revised Version (British and American) "hill-country of Ephraim."

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