a title given to Ethan ( 1 Kings 4:31 ; Psalms 89 , title) and Heman ( Psalms 88 , title). They were both sons of Zerah ( 1 Chronicles 2:6 ).

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ez'-ra-hit ('ezrachi; Asebon):

Found in 1 Kings 4:31; Psalms 88; Psalms 89, titles; from which it appears that the word is a patronymic for Ethan and Heman. It may be derived from Zerah, instead of Ezrah, seeing that there were an Ethan and a Heman who were descendants of Zerah, head of a Judahite family (1 Chronicles 2:6).

There were also an Ethan and a Heman who were Levites (1 Chronicles 15:17).

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