• Heb. hah, a "ring" inserted in the nostrils of animals to which a cord was fastened for the purpose of restraining them ( 2 Kings 19:28 ; Isaiah 37:28 Isaiah 37:29 ; Ezekiel 29:4 ; 38:4 ). "The Orientals make use of this contrivance for curbing their work-beasts...When a beast becomes unruly they have only to draw the cord on one side, which, by stopping his breath, punishes him so effectually that after a few repetitions he fails not to become quite tractable whenever he begins to feel it" (Michaelis). So God's agents are never beyond his control.

  • Hakkah, a fish "hook" ( Job 41:2 , Heb. Text, 40:25 ; Isaiah 19:8 ; Habakkuk 1:15 ).

  • Vav, a "peg" on which the curtains of the tabernacle were hung ( Exodus 26:32 ).

  • Tsinnah, a fish-hooks ( Amos 4:2 ).

  • Mazleg, flesh-hooks ( 1 Samuel 2:13 1 Samuel 2:14 ), a kind of fork with three teeth for turning the sacrifices on the fire, etc.

  • Mazmeroth, pruning-hooks ( Isaiah 2:4 ; Joel 3:10 ).

  • 'Agmon ( Job 41:2 , Heb. Text 40:26 ), incorrectly rendered in the Authorized Version. Properly a rush-rope for binding animals, as in Revised Version margin.

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    (1) chakkah, is rendered "fishhook" in Job 41:1 the Revised Version (British and American) (the King James Version "hook"). the Revised Version (British and American) is correct here and should have used the same translation for the same word in Isaiah 19:8; Habakkuk 1:15, instead Of retaining AV's "angle." Similarly in Amos 4:2, tsinnah, and ciroth dughah, appear to be synonyms for "fishhook," although the former may mean the barb of a fisher's spear. In the New Testament "fishhook" occurs in Matthew 17:27 (agkistron).

    (2) The "flesh-hook." (mazlegh, mizlaghah) of Exodus 27:3, etc., was probably a small pitchfork, with two or three tines.

    (3) The "pruning-hook" (mazmerah), used in the culture of the vine (Isaiah 18:5), was a sickle-shaped knife, small enough to be made from the metal of a spear-point (Isaiah 2:4; Joel 3:10; Micah 4:3).

    (4) waw, is the name given the supports of certain hangings of the tabernacle (Exodus 26:32, etc.). Their form is entirely obscure.

    (5) chach, is rendered "hook" in 2 Kings 19:28 = Isaiah 37:29; Ezekiel 29:4; 38:4, and Ezekiel 19:4,9 the Revised Version (British and American) (the King James Version "chain"). A ring (compare Exodus 35:22), put in the nose of a tamed beast and through which a rope is passed to lead him, is probably meant.

    (6) 'aghmon, is rendered "hook" in Job 41:2 the King James Version, but should be "a rope" of rushes or rush-fiber as in the Revised Version (British and American), or, simply, "a rush" (on which small fish are strung).

    (7) choach, is "hook" in Job 41:2 the Revised Version (British and American) (the King James Version "thorn," perhaps right) and 2 Chronicles 33:11 the Revised Version margin (text chains," Ay "thorns,"). On both verses see the commentaries

    (8) shephattayim, is "hooks" in Ezekiel 40:43 (the Revised Version margin "ledges"), but the meaning of this word is completely unknown, and "hook" is a mere guess.

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