= Judas. Among the apostles there were two who bore this name, (1) Judas ( Jude 1:1 ; Matthew 13:55 ; John 14:22 ; Acts 1:13 ), called also Lebbaeus or Thaddaeus ( Matthew 10:3 ; Mark 3:18 ); and (2) Judas Iscariot ( Matthew 10:4 ; Mark 3:19 ). He who is called "the brother of James" ( Luke 6:16 ), may be the same with the Judas surnamed Lebbaeus. The only thing recorded regarding him is in John 14:22 .

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Jude, or Judas,

called also LEBBEUS and THADDEUS, Authorized Version "Judas the brother of James," one of the twelve apostles. The name of Jude occurs only once in the Gospel narrative. ( John 14:22 ; Matthew 10:3 ; Mark 3:18 ; Luke 6:16 ; John 14:22 ; Acts 1:13 ) Nothing is certainly known of the later history of the apostle. Tradition connects him with the foundation of the church at Edessa.

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jood (Ioudas):

Brother of the Lord, and author of the Epistle of Jude.

See JUDAS OF JAMES and following article.

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