bord (qeresh, "a slab or plank," "deck of a ship," "bench," "board"):

This word is found in Exodus 26:16-21; 36:21; its plural occurs in Exodus 26:15,17-29; 35:11; 36:20-34; 39:33; 40:18; Numbers 3:36; 4:31. This word also is used in translation of luach (Exodus 27:8; 38:7; Song of Solomon 8:9; Ezekiel 27:5 the King James Version) = "a tablet" (of stone, wood or metal), "board," "plate," "table"; also of tsla` = "rib," hence, a "side," "timber," "plank" (1 Kings 6:15). In 1 Kings 6:9, sedherah = "a rank," "a row," hence, "a range" or "board" is used. In the New Testament we find the expression "on board" in Acts 27:44 the King James Version, in translation of epi sanisin = "planks."

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