Clothes, Rending Of


klothz, (keri`ath beghadhim):

This term is used to describe an ordinary tear made in a garment. Samuel's skirt was rent when Saul laid hold upon it (1 Samuel 15:27). Jesus spoke about a rent being made in a garment (Matthew 9:16). The term is also used to describe a Hebrew custom which indicated deep sorrow. Upon the death of a relative or important personage, or when there was a great calamity, it was customary for the Hebrews to tear their garments. Reuben rent his clothes when he found that Joseph had been taken from the pit (Genesis 37:29). The sons of Jacob rent their clothes when the cup was found in Benjamin's sack (Genesis 44:13). A messenger came to Eli with his clothes rent to tell of the taking of the ark of God and of the death of his two sons (1 Samuel 4:12). David rent his garments when he heard that Absalom had slain his brothers (2 Samuel 13:31). See also 2 Samuel 15:32; 2 Kings 18:37; Isaiah 36:22; Jeremiah 41:5. Rending of clothes was also an expression of indignation. The high priest rent his garment when Jesus spoke what he thought was blasphemy (Matthew 26:65).

See also MOURNING.

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