Mock; Mocker; Mocking


mok, mok'er, mok'-ing (hathal, la`agh, empaizo):

To mock is the translation of hathal, "to play upon," "mock," "deride" (Judges 16:10,13,15; 1 Kings 18:27, "Elijah mocked them"; Job 13:9 twice, the Revised Version (British and American) "deceiveth," "deceive," margin "mocketh," "mock"); of la`agh, "to stammer" or "babble in mimicry," "to mock" or "scorn" (2 Chronicles 30:10; Nehemiah 4:1; Job 11:3; 21:3; Proverbs 1:26; 17:5; 30:17; Jeremiah 20:7). Other words are tsachaq, "to laugh," etc. (Genesis 19:14; 21:9;; 39:14,17); qalac, "to call out," or "cry after," "to scoff" or "mock at" (2 Kings 2:23; Ezekiel 22:5); sachaq, "to laugh," "mock" (Job 39:22; Lamentations 1:7); luts, "to scorn" (Proverbs 14:9); sechoq, "laughter," "derision" (Job 12:4); empaizo, "to treat as a child," "mock" (Matthew 2:16; 20:19; 27:29,31,41; Luke 14:29, etc.); diachleuazo, "to mock," "laugh," etc. (Acts 2:13; 17:32); mukterizo, "to sneer at," "mock," literally, "to turn up the nose" (Galatians 6:7, "God is not mocked," "will not let himself be mocked"); epigelao, "laugh" (Job 2:8; 1 Maccabees 7:34; compare 2 Maccabees 7:39; 8:17).

Mocker, hathulim, "deceivers," "mockers" (Job 17:2); luts (Proverbs 20:1; Isaiah 28:22 the King James Version); la`egh, "stammering," "mocking" (Psalms 35:16; compare Isaiah 28:11); sachaq (Jeremiah 15:17); empaiktes, "a mocker," "scoffer," literally, "sporting as children" (Jude 1:18; compare 2 Peter 3:3).

Mocking is the translation of qallacah "mocking," "derision" (Ezekiel 22:4); of empaigmos the Septuagint for qallacah) (Hebrews 11:36; Wisdom of Solomon 12:25; Ecclesiasticus 27:28, "mockery"; 2 Maccabees 7:7, "mocking-stock," the Revised Version (British and American) "the mocking"; 2 Macc 7:10, "made a mocking-stock" (empaizo)); of mokos (Ecclesiasticus 33:6).

For "mocked of" (Job 12:4) the Revised Version (British and American) has "a laughing-stock to"; for "mockers" (Isaiah 28:22), the English Revised Version "scorner," the American Standard Revised Version "scoffer"; for "the mockers" (Jeremiah 15:17), "them that made merry"; for "scorneth" (Proverbs 19:28), "mocketh at"; for "As one man mocketh another, do ye so mock him?" (Job 13:9), "As one deceiveth a man will ye deceive him?" (margin, "mocketh," "mock"); "mock" for "laugh" (Job 9:23); for "There shall come in the last days scoffers" (2 Peter 3:3), "In the last days (margin, "Greek in the last of the days") mockers shall come with mockery" (empaigmone empaiktai).

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