Mowing; Mown Grass


mo'-ing, (gez, "a shearing," "cut grass"):

In Psalms 72:6 the good king's rule is said to be "like rain upon the mown grass," to start the new growth (compare 2 Samuel 23:4; Hosea 6:3). "The king's mowings" (Amos 7:1) were the portion of the spring herbage taken as tribute by the kings of Israel to feed their horses (compare 1 Samuel 8:15; 18:5). "After the king's mowings" would denote the time when everybody else might turn to reap their greenstuffs (BTP, II, 109). The term "mower" (qatsar, "to dock off," "shorten") in Psalms 129:7 the King James Version is rendered "reaper" in the Revised Version (British and American), and in James 5:4 the Revised Version (British and American) has "mow" for amao (the King James Version "reap").


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