Raven; Ravin


rav'-n, rav'-in:

"Raven" (verb) is from "rapine," "violent plundering, used for Taraph, in Genesis 49:27; Psalms 22:13; Ezekiel 22:25,27, while "ravin" (noun) is the object ravened, in Nahum 2:12 the torn carcasses (Terephah). So "ravenous bird" (Isaiah 46:11; Ezekiel 39:4) is a bird of prey (not a "hungry bird"), `ayiT, literally, "a screecher." "Ravenous beast" in Isaiah 35:9 is for parits, "violent one." In the New Testament harpax, "rapacious," is translated "ravening" in Matthew 7:15, while for the cognate harpage (Luke 11:39), the King James Version gives "ravening," the Revised Version (British and American) "extortion."

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