Seth; Sheth


seth, sheth (sheth; Seth):

(1) The son born to Adam and Eve after the death of Abel (Genesis 4:25; 5:3; 1Ch 1:1; Sirach 49:16; Luke 3:38). In Genesis 4:25 the derivation of the name is given. Eve "called his name Seth:

For, said she, God hath appointed (shath) me another seed instead of Abel." In 1 Chronicles 1:1 the King James Version, the form is "Sheth"; elsewhere in the King James Version and in the Revised Version (British and American) throughout the form is "Seth."

(2) the King James Version "the children of Sheth," the Revised Version (British and American) "the sons of tumult." According to the King James Version rendering, the name of an unknown race mentioned in Balaam's parable (Numbers 24:17).

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