Shaul; Shaulites


sha'-ul, sha'-ul-its (sha'ul; Saoul):

(1) A king of Edom (Genesis 36:37 = 1 Chronicles 1:48).

(2) A son of Simeon (Genesis 46:10; Exodus 6:15; Numbers 26:13; 1 Chronicles 4:24). The clan was of notoriously impure stock, and, therefore, Shaul is called "the son of a Canaanitish woman" (Genesis 46:10; Exodus 6:15); the clan was of mixed Israelite and Canaanitish descent. The patronymic Shaulites is found in Numbers 26:13.

(3) An ancestor of Samuel (1 Chronicles 6:24)); in 1 Chronicles 6:36 he is called "Joel."

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