ze-lo'-fe-had (tslophchadh, meaning unknown):

Head of a Manassite family who died without male issue (Numbers 26:33; 27:1,7; 36:2,6,10,11; Joshua 17:3; 1 Chronicles 7:15). His daughters came to Moses and Eleazar and successfully pleaded for a possession for themselves (Numbers 27:1). This became the occasion for a law providing that in the case of a man dying without sons, the inheritance was to pass to his daughters if he had any. A further request is made (Numbers 36:2) by the heads of the Gileadite houses that the women who were given this right of inheritance should be compelled to marry members of their own tribe, so that the tribe may not lose them and their property. This is granted and becomes law among the Hebrews.

Gray says (ICC on Numbers 26:33) that the "daughters" of Zelophehad are towns or clans.

David Francis Roberts

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