zu'-ri-el (tsuri'-el, "my rock is El (God)"):

Prince of the house of Merari (Numbers 3:35).

The word tsur, "rock," occurs also in the compound names Elizur (Numbers 1:5), Zurishaddai (Numbers 1:6, etc.) and Pedahzur (Numbers 1:10). Gray, Numbers 6, says that a Sabean name Suri'addana is found in an inscription said to be of the 8th century BC, or somewhat carrier (Hommel, Ancient Hebrew Tradition, 320), and bartsur, in a Zinjirli inscription of the 8th century BC (Panammu Inscr., 1. 1), and that possibly the Old Testament place-name "Beth-zur" should be added (Joshua 15:58; 1 Chronicles 2:45; 2 Chronicles 11:7; Nehemiah 3:16).

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