Job 13:7

7 Will you 1speak falsely for God and speak 2deceitfully for him?

Job 13:7 Meaning and Commentary

Job 13:7

Will you speak wickedly for God?
&c.] As he suggests they did; they spoke for God, and pleaded for the honour of his justice, by asserting he did not afflict good men, which they thought was contrary to his justice; but: then, at the same time, they spoke wickedly of Job, that he being afflicted of God was a bad man, and an hypocrite; and this was speaking wickedly for God, to vindicate his justice at the expense of his character, which there was no need to do; and showed that they were poor advocates for God, since they might have vindicated the honour of his justice, and yet allowed that he afflicted good men, and that Job was such an one:

and talk deceitfully for him?
or tell lies for him, namely, those just mentioned, that only wicked men, and not good men, were afflicted by him, and that Job was a bad man, and an hypocrite.

Job 13:7 In-Context

5 Oh that you would keep silent, and it would be your wisdom!
6 Hear now my argument and listen to the pleadings of my lips.
7 Will you speak falsely for God and speak deceitfully for him?
8 Will you show partiality toward him? Will you plead the case for God?
9 Will it be well with you when he searches you out? Or can you deceive him, as one deceives a man?

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