Joshua 13:19

19 and 1Kiriathaim, and 2Sibmah, and Zereth-shahar on the hill of the valley,

Joshua 13:19 Meaning and Commentary

Joshua 32:19

And Kirjathaim Of which (See Gill on Numbers 32:37);

and Sibmah; of which (See Gill on Numbers 32:3) and (See Gill on Numbers 32:38);

and Zarethshahar, in the mount of the valley;
which was built on one of the mountains that looked over the valley of Moab, as did Nebo, Pisgah, Abarim; perhaps it is the same place Josephus F11 calls Zara, to which he joins the valley of the Cilicians, and mentions it along with Heshbon, Medeba, and other cities of Moab; according to Adrichomius {l}, it was in the mount of the valley of Bethpeor, which next follows.


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F12 Ut supra, (Theatrum Ter. Sanct.) p. 130.

Joshua 13:19 In-Context

17 with Heshbon, and all its cities that are in the tableland; Dibon, and Bamoth-baal, and Beth-baal-meon,
18 and Jahaz, and Kedemoth, and Mephaath,
19 and Kiriathaim, and Sibmah, and Zereth-shahar on the hill of the valley,
20 and Beth-peor, and the slopes of Pisgah, and Beth-jeshimoth,
21 that is, all the cities of the tableland, and all the kingdom of Sihon king of the Amorites, who reigned in Heshbon, whom Moses defeated with the leaders of Midian, Evi and Rekem and Zur and Hur and Reba, the princes of Sihon, who lived in the land.

Cross References 2

  • 1. Numbers 32:37, 38
  • 2. Numbers 32:37, 38
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