Joshua 15:53

53 Janim, Beth-tappuah, Aphekah,

Joshua 15:53 Meaning and Commentary

Joshua 15:53

And Janum
Under the word "Janum", Jerom writes F12, there is a village called Janua, three miles from Legion to the south, but seems not to be what is written;

and Bethtappuah
is by Jerom called Bethaphu F13, and said to be a village in the tribe of Judah, fourteen miles beyond Raphia, as you go to Egypt, which is the border of Palestine;

and Aphekah;
Jerom speaks F14 of a large castle in his time called Apheca, near the town of Palestine; there were several places of the name of Aphek; (See Gill on Joshua 12:18). As for Bethtappuah, it seems to be a place which was dedicated to a deity to which apples were sacred, in memory of the apple by which mankind was seduced; there was in later times a goddess called Pomona from hence.


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Joshua 15:53 In-Context

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53 Janim, Beth-tappuah, Aphekah,
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