Numbers 3:37

37 also 1the pillars around the court, with their bases and 2pegs and 3cords.

Numbers 3:37 Meaning and Commentary

Numbers 3:37

And the pillars of the court round about
Of the great court which went round the tabernacle, on which pillars the hangings were hung:

and their sockets;
into which the, pillars were put; of both which see ( Exodus 27:9-17 ) ;

and their pins, and their cords,
the pins were fixed in the ground, and the cords fastened the hangings of the court to them, whereby they were kept tight and unmoved by the winds; see ( Exodus 27:19 ) .

Numbers 3:37 In-Context

35 And the chief of the fathers' house of the clans of Merari was Zuriel the son of Abihail. They were to camp on the north side of the tabernacle.
36 And the appointed guard duty of the sons of Merari involved the frames of the tabernacle, the bars, the pillars, the bases, and all their accessories; all the service connected with these;
37 also the pillars around the court, with their bases and pegs and cords.
38 Those who were to camp before the tabernacle on the east, before the tent of meeting toward the sunrise, were Moses and Aaron and his sons, guarding the sanctuary itself, to protect the people of Israel. And any outsider who came near was to be put to death.
39 All those listed among the Levites, whom Moses and Aaron listed at the commandment of the LORD, by clans, all the males from a month old and upward, were 22,000.

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