Deuteronomy 6:18-25

18 Do what the Lord says is right and good, and all will go well with you. You will be able to take possession of the fertile land that the Lord promised your ancestors,
19 and you will drive out your enemies, as he promised.
20 "In times to come your children will ask you, "Why did the Lord our God command us to obey all these laws?'
21 Then tell them, "We were slaves of the king of Egypt, and the Lord rescued us by his great power.
22 With our own eyes we saw him work miracles and do terrifying things to the Egyptians and to their king and to all his officials.
23 He freed us from Egypt to bring us here and give us this land, as he had promised our ancestors he would.
24 Then the Lord our God commanded us to obey all these laws and to honor him. If we do, he will always watch over our nation and keep it prosperous.
25 If we faithfully obey everything that God has commanded us, he will be pleased with us.'
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