1 Chronicles 26:11-21

11 Hilkiah, Tebaliah, and Zechariah. In all there were thirteen members of Hosah's family who were Temple guards.
12 The Temple guards were divided into groups, according to families, and they were assigned duties in the Temple, just as the other Levites were.
13 Each family, regardless of size, drew lots to see which gate it would be responsible for.
14 Shelemiah drew the east gate, and his son Zechariah, a man who always gave good advice, drew the north gate.
15 Obed Edom was allotted the south gate, and his sons were allotted to guard the storerooms.
16 Shuppim and Hosah were allotted the west gate and the Shallecheth Gate on the upper road. Guard duty was divided into assigned periods, one after another.
17 On the east, six guards were on duty each day, on the north, four, and on the south, four. Four guards were stationed at the storerooms daily, two at each storeroom.
18 Near the western pavilion there were four guards by the road and two at the pavilion itself.
19 This is the assignment of guard duty to the clan of Korah and the clan of Merari.
20 Others of their fellow Levites were in charge of the Temple treasury and the storerooms for gifts dedicated to God.
21 Ladan, one of the sons of Gershon, was the ancestor of several family groups, including the family of his son Jehiel.