1 Maccabees 10:10-20

10 Jonathan set up headquarters in Jerusalem and began to rebuild and restore the city.
11 He ordered the builders to use squared stones for the city walls and for the protecting wall around Mount Zion. This was done.
12 The foreigners deserted the fortresses that Bacchides had built;
13 each man left his post and returned to his own country.
14 But some of the Jews who had abandoned the Law of Moses and its commands were still left in Bethzur, which served as their last place of refuge.
15 King Alexander learned of the promises Demetrius had made to Jonathan and he also learned about Jonathan himself, about the battles he had fought, his courageous deeds, and the troubles he and his brothers had endured.
16 He was certain that he would never find another man like Jonathan and so decided to make him his friend and ally.
17 He wrote Jonathan a letter:
18 "King Alexander to his friend Jonathan, greetings.
19 I have heard that you are a brave man who has earned the right to be a friend of the king.
20 I have this day appointed you as High Priest of your nation and conferred upon you the title of "Friend of the King.' You are to be our ally and give us your support." He also sent him a royal robe and a gold crown.