1 Maccabees 15:7-17

7 Jerusalem and the Temple shall be free of taxation. All the weapons that you have manufactured and the defenses you have built and now occupy shall remain yours.
8 In addition, all debts now owed to the royal treasury, or which may in the future fall due, are permanently canceled.
9 As soon as I have regained control of my kingdom, I will confer upon you, your nation, and the Temple such great honors that the glory of your country will be evident to the whole world."
10 In the year 174 Antiochus invaded the land of his ancestors. Most of the soldiers came over to his side, so that there were very few left with Trypho.
11 Trypho, pursued by Antiochus, fled to the coastal city of Dor,
12 realizing that he was in a desperate situation, now that all his troops had deserted him.
13 Then Antiochus laid siege to Dor with 120,000 well-trained soldiers and 8,000 cavalry.
14 With his ships joining the attack, he completely surrounded the town and brought such pressure on it that no one was able to enter or leave.
15 Meanwhile, Numenius and those with him arrived in Jerusalem from Rome with the following letter addressed to various kings and countries: 1
16 "From Lucius, consul of the Romans, to King Ptolemy, greetings.
17 A delegation from our friends and allies the Jews has come to us to renew the earlier treaty of friendship and alliance. They were sent by the High Priest Simon and the Jewish people,