1 Maccabees 6:10-20

10 He called together all those to whom he had given the title "Friends of the King" and said to them, "I cannot sleep, and my heart is broken with grief and worry.
11 At first I asked myself why these great waves of trouble were sweeping over me, since I have been kind and well-liked during my reign.
12 But then I remembered the wrongs I did in Jerusalem when I took all the silver and gold objects from the Temple and tried without any good reason to destroy the inhabitants of Judea.
13 I know this is why all these terrible things have happened to me and I am about to die in deep despair here in this foreign land."
14 Then he called Philip, one of his most trusted advisers, and put him in charge of his whole empire.
15 He gave him his crown, robe, and official ring, and authorized him to educate his son Antiochus the Fifth and bring him up to be king.
16 King Antiochus died there in the year 149.
17 When Lysias learned that the king had died, he made the young Antiochus king in place of his father. He had brought up Antiochus from childhood and now gave him the name Eupator.
18 Meanwhile, the enemies in the fort at Jerusalem had been blockading the people of Israel in the area around the Temple, constantly causing them trouble and giving support to the Gentiles.
19 So Judas decided to get rid of them and called all the people together to besiege the fort.
20 The people assembled and laid siege to the fort in the year 150. They built siege platforms and battering rams.