1 Maccabees 7:37-47

37 "Lord, you chose this Temple to bear your name and to be a place of prayer and intercession for your people.
38 Now, take vengeance on this man and his army; let them die in battle. Remember how they spoke evil of you, and let none of them survive."
39 Nicanor left Jerusalem and set up his headquarters at Beth Horon, where the Syrian army joined him.
40 Meanwhile, Judas set up camp at Adasa with 3,000 men. There Judas prayed,
41 "Lord, the Scriptures tell us that when a king sent messengers to insult you, your angel went out and killed 185,000 of his soldiers. 1
42 Now, in the same way, crush this army before us today and let everyone know that Nicanor is being punished because he insulted your holy Temple. Punish him as his wickedness deserves."
43 The armies met in battle on the thirteenth day of the month of Adar, and Nicanor's army was defeated. Nicanor himself was the first to be killed in the battle,
44 and when his soldiers saw that he was dead, they threw down their weapons and fled.
45 The Jews pursued them all day long from Adasa to Gezer. As they followed, they kept sounding the call to battle on the trumpets,
46 and from all the surrounding villages of Judea people came out and attacked the fleeing enemy from the sides. This forced them back toward the Jews who were chasing them, and all of the enemy were killed in the fight. Not one of them survived.
47 The Jews took the loot and then cut off Nicanor's head and his right arm, which he had extended so arrogantly. They brought his head and his arm to be put on display outside Jerusalem.