2 Esdras 16:67-77

67 God is your judge, so fear him! Abandon your sins, put away the evil you have done, and never sin again. Then God will save you from all these disasters.
68 A vast mob of people is ready now to descend on you and devour you like flames. They will drag some of you off and force you to eat pagan sacrifices.
69 If you give in to them, they will ridicule you, mock you, and humiliate you.
70 In many places near the cities there will be violent persecution against those who fear the Lord.
71 The attackers will act like wild people; they will plunder and destroy without pity all those who still fear the Lord.
72 They will turn them out of their homes and take away all their possessions.
73 This will be the time of testing for my chosen people, and they will prove to be as pure as refined gold. 1
74 But listen to what the Lord says: "My chosen people, the time of terrible suffering is near, but I will rescue you.
75 Don't be afraid or have any doubts; I am your God and I will lead you.
76 If you keep my laws and commands," says the Lord, "you must not let your sins weigh you down or control you.
77 Those who are chained by their sins, overwhelmed by the evil they have done, are doomed. They will be like a field overgrown with brush, with the path across it so choked with thorns that no one can get through.