2 Esdras 1:18-28

18 "Why have you brought us out to this desert to kill us? Being slaves to the Egyptians was better than coming here to die.'
19 I was moved by your bitter groans and gave you manna, the bread of angels.
20 When you were thirsty, I split the rock and all the water you needed flowed out. To protect you from the heat, I provided you with shade trees. 1
21 I divided fertile lands among you and drove out the Canaanites, the Perizzites, and the Philistines who opposed your advance. What more could I have done for you?
22 "The Lord Almighty says: There in the desert by the river of bitter water when you were thirsty and cursed me, 2
23 in spite of your insults I did not send fire upon you. Instead, I made the water fit to drink by throwing wood into the river.
24 People of Israel, what can I do with you? People of Judah, you refuse to obey me. So I will turn to other nations and make them my people. They will keep my laws.
25 Because you have abandoned me, I will abandon you. You will beg me for mercy, but I will show you none.
26 When you pray to me, I will not hear you. You never hesitate to commit murder; your hands are stained with the blood of those you have killed.
27 It is not me that you have betrayed; you have betrayed yourselves.
28 "The Lord Almighty says: I have pleaded with you as a father pleads with his sons, as a mother pleads with her daughters, or as a nursemaid pleads with her small children.