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2 Esdras 6:51-59

51 You let Behemoth live on a part of the land that you dried up on the third day of creation; it is a land of a thousand mountains.
52 You let Leviathan live in the sea. You kept them both alive, so that your chosen people may feast on them at the time you choose.
53 On the sixth day you commanded the earth to produce the animals, domestic and wild, large and small.
54 More important than all of these, you created Adam and put him in charge of everything that you had made. And all of us, the people you have chosen, are descended from him.
55 "O Lord, I have told you all this because you said that you created this first world for the sake of your people.
56 You said that, in spite of their great numbers, all the other nations which descended from Adam are nothing, worth no more than a drop of water, no more than spit.
57 But now, Lord, those nations that are considered as nothing are ruling over us and destroying us.
58 We are your people, and you have called us your first-born, your only child, your witness, your loved one, but we have been handed over to the power of these other nations.
59 If this world was really created for the sake of your people, why don't we have possession of it? How much longer must we wait?"
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