Additions to Esther 1:5-15

5 Then two huge dragons appeared, ready to fight each other.
6 They made a dreadful noise, and all the nations got ready to make war against God's nation of righteous people.
7 For the world it was a day of darkness and gloom, trouble and distress, destruction and ruin.
8 All of God's righteous people were troubled, in great fear of what was about to happen to them. They prepared for death,
9 but they cried out to God for help. In the dream their prayer was answered by a great river which came flowing out of a small spring.
10 The day dawned, the sun rose, and the humble people were made strong and destroyed their arrogant enemies.
11 Mordecai woke up from this dream in which he saw what God planned to do. He thought about it all day and tried to understand what it meant.
12 While Mordecai was resting in the courtyard of the palace, where two of the king's eunuchs, Gabatha and Tharra, were on guard,
13 he overheard them plotting together. He listened carefully to what they were saying and learned that they were making plans to kill the king. So Mordecai went to King Xerxes and told him about the plot of the two eunuchs.
14 The king had them questioned, and when they confessed, they were led away and executed.
15 The king had an account of this written in the official records, and Mordecai also wrote an account of it.