Baruch 3:24-34

24 O Israel, how great is the universe in which God dwells! How vast is all that he possesses!
25 There is no end to it; there is no way to measure how wide or how high it is.
26 Here in early times the famous giants were born, a mighty race skilled in war. 1
27 But God did not choose them to be his people or show them the way of knowledge.
28 They died out because they had neither understanding nor insight.
29 No one has ever gone up into heaven to get Wisdom and bring her down out of the clouds.
30 No one has sailed across the seas to find Wisdom or bought her with precious gold.
31 No one knows how to get to her or how to discover the path that leads to her.
32 The only one who knows Wisdom is God, and he knows all things. With his understanding he found her. He established the earth for all time and filled it with all kinds of animals.
33 The light trembled and obeyed when he called. He sent it forth, and it appeared.
34 He called the stars, and they promptly answered; they took their places and gladly shone to please the one who made them.