Ben Sira 22:12-22

12 For seven days we mourn the dead, but a foolish or ungodly person causes a lifetime of grief. 1
13 Don't visit stupid people or spend a lot of time talking with them. Avoid them; then they can't contaminate you, and you can live in peace without being troubled or worn down by their foolishness.
14 Such people are a heavier burden to bear than lead; and the only word that fits them is "fools."
15 It is easier to carry a load of sand, salt, and iron than to put up with a stupid person.
16 A wooden beam can be put into a building so firmly that an earthquake cannot shake it loose; a person can be trained to use reason and good sense so well that he keeps his head when a crisis comes.
17 A mind that thinks things through intelligently is like a firm wall, finely decorated.
18 Small stones on top of a wall will not stay put when the wind blows, and a person whose stupid ideas have made him timid will not be able to stand up to frightening situations.
19 If you stick something in your eye, tears will flow; and if you hurt a person deeply, you will discover his true feelings.
20 If you throw rocks at birds, you will scare them away; and if you insult a friend, you will break up the friendship.
21 Even if you have a violent argument with a friend, and speak sharply, all is not lost. You can still make up with him. But any friend will leave you if you insult him, if you are arrogant, if you reveal his secrets, or if you turn on him unexpectedly.
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