Ben Sira 26:6-16

6 But a woman jealous of another woman causes heartache and grief; her tongue lashes out at everyone.
7 A bad wife is like a yoke that doesn't fit. Trying to control her is like holding a scorpion.
8 A drunken woman is an infuriating sight; she can't conceal her shameless behavior.
9 You can tell an unfaithful wife by the bold and flirting look in her eyes.
10 If your daughter is determined to have her own way, keep a close watch on her. If you don't, she'll take advantage of any chance she gets.
11 If she is too self-willed, be on guard, and don't be surprised if she disappoints you.
12 She'll spread her legs anywhere for any man who wants her, just as a thirsty traveler will drink whatever water is available.
13 A gracious wife is her husband's delight; her abilities make him a stronger man.
14 A wife who doesn't talk too much is a gift from the Lord. Such restraint is admirable beyond words.
15 A modest wife has endless charm; it is a quality too precious to measure.
16 The beauty of a good wife in her well-kept home is like the noonday sun shining in the Lord's sky.