Ben Sira 28:18-25

18 More people have died as a result of loose talk than were ever killed by swords.
19 Count yourself lucky if you have been spared the experience of having irresponsible talk directed against you - if you have never had that iron yoke around your neck or those heavy chains on your legs.
21 Slander leads to a miserable death; but in fact, you'd be better off dead.
22 Devout people, however, cannot be overcome by slander; they cannot be burned by its flames.
23 Its victims are those who have abandoned the Lord; once the fire of slander has been lit among them, it cannot be put out. Slander will pounce on them like a lion and tear them to pieces like a leopard.
24 Don't you fence in your property? Don't you lock up your money?
25 Well, be just as careful with what you say. Weigh every word, and have a lock ready for your mouth.