Ben Sira 50:7-17

7 like the sun shining on the Temple of the Most High, like the rainbow gleaming in glory against the clouds,
8 like roses in springtime, like lilies beside a stream, like the cedars of Lebanon in summer,
9 like burning incense, like a cup made of hammered gold and decorated with all kinds of jewels,
10 like an olive tree loaded with fruit, like a cypress tree towering into the clouds.
11 When Simon put on his magnificent robe and went up to the holy altar dressed in perfect splendor, he made the Temple courtyard a majestic sight.
12 When the priests handed him the portions of the sacrifice as he stood beside the altar with his assistants circling him like a wreath, he was like a young cedar of Lebanon surrounded by palm trees.
13 Those were the descendants of Aaron in their splendid garments, standing before the whole assembly of Israel, holding in their hands the offering made to the Lord.
14 When he had finished the service at the altar and had arranged the sacrifice to the Most High, the Almighty,
15 he reached for a cup and poured out sweet-smelling wine at the foot of the altar as an offering to the Most High, the universal King.
16 Then the priests shouted and blew their trumpets of hammered silver. They made a loud noise that the Most High would hear.
17 All the people immediately bowed down with their faces to the ground to worship their Lord, the Almighty, the Most High.