Letter of Jeremiah 1:4-14

4 There in Babylon you will see gods made of wood, silver, and gold - gods which people carry on their shoulders and which fill the heathen with fear.
5 You must be careful never to imitate those Gentiles. Don't let their gods fill you with fear when you see them being carried in procession and being worshiped.
6 Instead, say to yourselves, "It is you alone, Lord, that we must worship."
7 God's angel will be there with you; he will take care of you.
8 Their idols are plated with silver and gold and have tongues that were carved by woodworkers. But they are not real gods, and they cannot speak.
9 The people make gold crowns and put them on the heads of their gods, as if these idols were girls who love jewelry.
10 Sometimes the priests steal the silver and gold from their gods and spend it on themselves;
11 they even give some of it to the temple prostitutes. People take these gods of wood, silver, and gold, and put clothes on them, as if they were human.
12 But even though the gods are dressed in purple robes like kings, they still cannot keep themselves from being tarnished or protect themselves from termites.
13 When dust from the temple settles on their faces, someone has to wipe it off for them.
14 Like human judges they hold scepters in their hands, but they have no power to punish anyone who wrongs them.