Wisdom 6:15-25

15 To fasten your attention on Wisdom is to gain perfect understanding. If you look for her, you will soon find peace of mind,
16 because she will be looking for those who are worthy of her, and she will find you wherever you are. She is kind and will be with you in your every thought.
17 Wisdom begins when you sincerely want to learn. To desire Wisdom is to love her;
18 to love her is to keep her laws; to keep her laws is to be certain of immortality;
19 immortality will bring you close to God.
20 This desire for Wisdom can prepare you to rule a kingdom.
21 So then, you that rule the nations, if you value your thrones and symbols of authority, honor Wisdom so that you may rule forever.
22 I will tell you what Wisdom is, and how she came to be. I will not keep anything secret. I will trace her history from the beginning and make knowledge of her open to all. I will not ignore any part of the truth.
23 No jealous desire to guard my own knowledge will make me hold back anything. Wisdom has nothing in common with such an attitude.
24 No indeed - the more wise people there are, the safer the world will be. A sensible king can be depended on to give his people this kind of security.
25 So then, learn what I am about to teach you, and you will profit from it.