2 Samuel 19:26-36

26 He answered, "My servant deceived me, Your Majesty. Since I am disabled, I said, 'Saddle the donkey for me, and I'll ride on it and go with the king.'
27 He told you lies about me, Your Majesty. However, you are like God's Messenger. Do what you think is right.
28 You could have killed anyone in my entire family, Your Majesty. Instead, you've seated me with those who eat at your table. So I no longer have the right to complain to the king."
29 The king asked him, "Why do you keep talking about it? I've said that you and Ziba should divide the land."
30 "Let him take it all," Mephibosheth told the king. "It's enough for me that you've come home safely."
31 Barzillai, the man from Gilead, came from Rogelim with the king to the Jordan River to send him on his way.
32 Barzillai was an elderly man, 80 years old. Because he was a very rich man, he had provided the king with food while he was staying at Mahanaim.
33 The king told Barzillai, "Cross the river with me. I'll provide for you in Jerusalem."
34 Barzillai replied, "I don't have much longer to live. I shouldn't go with Your Majesty to Jerusalem.
35 I'm 80 years old now. How can I tell what is pleasant and what is not? Can I taste what I eat or drink? Can I still hear the singing of men and women? Why should I now become a burden to you, Your Majesty?
36 I'll just cross the Jordan River with you. Why should you give me such a reward?