Deuteronomy 14:10-20

10 But never eat anything that doesn't have fins and scales. It is unclean for you.
11 You may eat any clean bird.
12 But here are the birds that you should never eat: eagles, bearded vultures, black vultures,
13 buzzards, all types of kites,
14 all types of crows,
15 ostriches, nighthawks, seagulls, all types of falcons,
16 little owls, great owls, barn owls,
17 pelicans, ospreys, cormorants,
18 storks, all types of herons, hoopoes, and bats.
19 Every swarming, winged insect is also unclean for you. They must never be eaten.
20 However, you may eat any [other kind of] flying creature that is clean.