Genesis 41:27-37

27 The seven thin, sickly cows that came up behind them are seven years. The seven empty heads of grain scorched by the east wind are also seven years. Seven years of famine are coming.
28 "It's just as I said to Pharaoh. God has shown Pharaoh what he's going to do.
29 Seven years are coming when there will be plenty of food in Egypt.
30 After them will come seven years of famine. People will forget that there was plenty of food in Egypt, and the famine will ruin the land.
31 People won't remember that there once was plenty of food in the land, because the coming famine will be so severe.
32 The reason Pharaoh has had a recurring dream is because the matter has been definitely decided by God, and he will do it very soon.
33 "Pharaoh should look for a wise and intelligent man and put him in charge of Egypt.
34 Make arrangements to appoint supervisors over the land to take a fifth of Egypt's harvest during the seven good years.
35 Have them collect all the food during these good years and store up grain under Pharaoh's control, to be kept for food in the cities.
36 This food will be a reserve supply for our country during the seven years of famine that will happen in Egypt. Then the land will not be ruined by the famine."
37 Pharaoh and all his servants liked the idea.